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Comprehensive Legal Services on General Corporate Matters

Corporations are the central nerves of economic activities in the modern capital system. Complex and globalized environments surrounding corporations are causing rapid changes in relevant laws and are raising various new legal issues. Accordingly, appropriate legal assistances in all of corporate activities are becoming more and more crucial.

EYP Law’s Corporate Practices Group, with its extensive experiences and expertise, provides clients with integrated and comprehensive legal services and consequently assists clients to focus on effective and productive business and management activities

01.  General Corporate Matters

We provide our clients with expeditious and effective legal services on a full spectrum of business activities and corporate matters including:

  • formation of corporations, change of corporate structures, and dissolution of corporations;

  • adoption and amendment of minutes of shareholders’ meetings and board of directors’ meetings, and articles of incorporation;

  • assistance on corporate governance and administration;

  • acquisition and transfer of corporate shares;

  • appointment and dismissal of officers;

  • management right disputes, and other matters related to change of control;

  • drafting and execution of various business agreements including international agreements; and  dispute and litigation procedures.

02. Employment and Labor

We assist clients in connection with all of legal issues arising in connection with labor relations and employment. Our practices in this area include:

  • drafting and interpretation of employment agreements,

  • drafting and interpretation of HR rules and regulations, and collective bargaining agreements;

  • issues related to employment and dismissal of employees, and severance payment;

  • issues on compensation for injury and damage, and workers’ compensation;

  • legal advice on employee benefits;

  • labor dispute issues;

  • re-assignment of employees according to restructuring or M&A; and

  • administrative proceedings or litigations related to employment and dismissal

03. Merger and Acquisition

EYP Law assists clients on all types of M&A matters such as acquiring and merging corporations, business transfer, asset transfer, split-up, providing coordinated and specialized services for each and every step of transactions, including:

  • M&A planning;

  • determination of transaction structure;

  • drafting, negotiation and execution of related agreements;

  • due diligence of subject corporations;

  • obtaining governmental and other permits and licenses;

  • review and analysis of relevant legal provisions’

  • enforcement of agreements and subsequent measures; and

  • resolving disputes related to M&A.

04. Foreigners’ Investment in Korea

With respect to foreign corporations’ hostile M&A of Korean corporations, we provide advice for strategic planning as required by either side of transactions. We assist clients in connection with proxy fight. We also counsel clients concerning laws relating to banking and financing, corporate laws, governmental permits and licenses, and taxes, etc.

05. Korean Corporations’ Investment Overseas


When Korean corporations plan to make investments overseas, we assist clients, through review and analysis of the relevant countries’ laws and practices, to determine the most effective transaction structure, prepare strategies for negotiation and execution of agreements, and draft required agreements. We also advise clients on international tax issues, antitrust and other applicable regulations and disputes arising in connection with the investments.

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