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International Transactions


With representing domestic and foreign company in joint ventures, overseas financings and investments, EYP law firm are advisingclients on establishing overseas funds as well as negotiating and drafting international contracts such as technology transfer agreements, franchise agreements and outsourcing agreements. Also, EYP provide legal service on matters involving foreign exchange regulations, and assist clients with preparation of filings to relevant authorities. 

Further, EYP lawyers provide a wide range of legal service to foreign clients in domestic proceedings/arbitration, and to domestic clients in proceedings/arbitration overseas in regards to international dispute. We met various cases needing cooperation with local foreign experts in law. EYP law firm providesprofessional legal service through the deep collaboration among other foreign law firms not only in U.S., E.U., Japan and China, but also in South-east Asia countries such as China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia etc. and also in Middle-east Asia countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE etc.

EYP law firm is the company-specialized and friendly firm, consisted of experienced lawyers from companies. Thus, EYP knows requirements of company client much better than whomever. Having established the pre-strategy towards controversies through elaborate analysis in the international transaction from the initial stage, we actively seek to prevent and figure out the dispute for the sake of client’s benefit. Our core value is to provide efficient and cost-effective legal services for international transaction.

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