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Banking & Securities


 EYP Law’s Banking and Securities Practices

The area of banking and securities goes through rapid changes each and every day and accordingly more and more complicated issues are generated in this area. Equipped with the latest updates in such rapid changes and having insight obtained through sufficient experiences, EYP Law provides systematic and effective representation of clients in a broad range of matters, including corporate financing, asset securitization, project financing, financial derivatives and asset management, etc. Furthermore, EYP Law assists various financial institutions, advising them on laws and regulations as applied to particular situations of such financial institutions.

01. Customized Legal Services for Various Financial Institutions

EYP Law assists a variety of domestic and foreign financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, financial investment companies, mutual savings banks, credit capital companies, venture capital companies, trust companies and credit card companies with general legal issues that they encounter in connection with financial and securities transactions. EYP Law provides appropriate solutions in a timely manner for various specific legal issues that financial institutions are encountered with. Further, EYP Law provides financial and securities advice for general corporations dealing with financial institutions.

02. Project Financing

We provide systematic and comprehensive legal services concerning project financing related to real estate development projects such as construction of apartments, residential and commercial complexes, or commercial districts. We also provide adequate assistances in the area of financing for various projects overseas.

03.  Issuance of Foreign Securities

We have extensive experiences in assisting Korean corporations to issue convertible bonds, bonds with warrants, exchangeable bonds and floating rate notes, etc. in foreign financial markets. Especially, EYP Law has excelled in its practices and has occupied unrivaled position in issuance of foreign primary CBOs and KOSDAQ listed corporations’ issuance of bonds in Japanese Yen. We also help clients by providing integrated legal services in this area such as drafting and reviewing agreements, filing reports, negotiation with foreign investors and counseling on other legal issues related to issuance of various types of securities overseas.

04. Foreign Corporations’ Listing on the Korea Exchange

Recently, more and more foreign corporations attempt to list their securities onthe securities exchanges or KOSDAQ of the Korea Exchange. EYP Law has successfully listed a Chinese company 3 Node Digital Group Co., Ltd. on the Korea Exchange, which was the first listing on the Korea Exchange of any foreign company. Since then, EYP Law has continuously been representing the company as its disclosure agent. Additionally, we assist and advise many Chinese corporations on all of legal and related matters for listing on the Korea Exchange.

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