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Litigation & Arbitration


Top Litigation and Arbitration attorneys provide the highest-level services

EYP Law has acquired expertise and know-how in the broad range of areas including construction and engineering, corporate issues, banking and securities, merger and acquisitions, project financing, labor and international transaction, etc. Based upon its widely-recognized expertise and know-how, EYP Law provides highly-specialized and effective litigation and Arbitration services.

EYP Law strives to maximize clients’ profits by preventing disputes through specialized advice provided timely on all types of specific business areas of our clients. On the other hand, in the event of any disputes, EYP Law’s attorneys, fully equipped with the latest legal knowledge and hands-on experiences, assist our clients for rapid and successful resolution of the disputes.

Our litigation and Arbitration practices are not limited to the ordinary civil or criminal litigation but also encompass a variety of proceedings including: (i) all disputes about construction and engineering business such as the claim for variation, the extension of time claim, liquidated damages dispute, injunction against bidding process, administrative litigation against the disposition for bidding cessation (ii) injunction for financial book review and copy, injunction against new stock issue, injunction against exercise of voting rights, injunction against securities listing, injunction for agenda proposal, injunction against convention of extraordinary shareholders’ meeting, and other injunction proceedings related to hostile takeover; (iii) lawsuit for cancellation of resolutions made at a shareholders’ meeting, lawsuit for nullifying resolutions made by the board of directors, lawsuit for requesting permission to convene an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting, and other actions and proceedings related to shareholders’ meetings and corporate matters; (iv) lawsuits related to market price manipulation and insider trading, and other cases related to capital market and financial investment business laws; and (v) lawsuit for terminating exclusive agreements related to copyrights or unfair competition prevention laws, injunction against use of names, and variousother entertainment cases; (vi) international arbitration in DIAC (Dubai International Arbitration Centre) and SIAC(Singapore International Arbitration Centre).

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