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Construction & Engineering

Hands-on work experiences are essential for effective legal assistance in construction and engineering projects. Our Construction and Engineering Group is leaded by a construction and engineering expert lawyer who had worked at a global leading construction company for 10 years as a corporate legal counsel (including as a head counsel of the legal team) and provides optimized services for clients based upon adequate field experiences.

01. Plant Construction and Other Construction Projects

Our capability of providing proficient legal services not only in domestic projects but also in projects overseas distinguishes EYP Law as the strongest partner for clients in this field.

Our extensive experiences include:

  • assisting and advising clients for negotiation, preparation and execution of various agreements and documents related to domestic and international construction projects;

  • assisting and advising clients in making changes in design or structure during the course of construction;

  • providing advice and legal interpretation in relation to subcontracting laws and other laws related to construction projects;

  • advising and assisting clients in making strategies in cases of claims raised in connection with construction projects;

  • assisting on payment or collection of construction cost and damage compensation, litigation or arbitration in connection therewith;

  • advising and assisting in litigation or arbitration in relation to warranty claims; and

  • assisting clients in connection with supply and installation of plant facilities, litigation or arbitration in relation thereto.

Especially, we provide expeditious and cost-effective services for clients in accordance with their request based upon our sufficient practical know-how and experiences in projects overseas such as oil refinery, petrochemical plant, power plant, steel, water treatment and waste treatment facilities, etc.

02. Construction Projects with Governments or Government-Invested Entities

In construction projects contracting with governments, without many years of hands-on experiences and insight obtained therefrom, it may not be possible even to understand what clients require at each stage of projects.

EYP Law’s adequate experiences in dealing with numerous governmental authorities guarantee accurate and rapid understanding of clients’ requirements and the best legal support in litigation, arbitration or administrative procedures related to construction claims, payment charges or design alterations, etc.

03. Development Projects

We provide legal consultation in development projects including proposing strategies in the planning stage, assistance in obtaining permits and approvals, and conducting litigations. We also advise clients in preparing and executing project financing agreements. Our extensive experiences in supporting clients in development projects include litigation assistance during the course of development, provisions of legal opinion and consultation with regard to relevant practices in foreign countries through co-operation with local law firms in the relevant countries. 

One of EYP Law’s strengths is its excellent ability to take the integral approach encompassing the initial planning stage through the completion stage in both domestic and international development projects and thus to provide comprehensive and effective legal assistances.

04. Foreign EPC Projects

EYP Law provides one-stop legal assistances for foreign EPC projects throughout all stages including planning, contracting, designing, supply and procurement, construction, test run and defect claims, etc.

Further, we provide consulting and drafting services for EPC project contracts including agreements with project owners, developers, contractors, operators, subcontractors, suppliers and licensors, etc. In particular, our expertise and know-how in EPC projects enable us to provide clients with the appropriate strategic consultation, often in close cooperation with foreign leading law firms, in dealing with claims encountered during the course of EPC projects.

05. Redevelopment and Reconstruction Projects

We provide legal services for clients involved in redevelopment and reconstruction projects. Our services in this area include: assistance in obtaining permits and approvals; preparation, review and execution of agreements, consultation and execution of agreements for project financing; handling of claims related to projects; and resolving disputes concerning rights to proceed with redevelopment or reconstruction projects.

06. Construction Project Consulting and Contract Management

We provide legal and business consultation for various issues related to construction agreements based upon our adequate experiences and practical know-how. Our recent practices in this area include: assistance in preparation, review and execution of agreements including standard agreements; contract administration and management at construction sites; document management; handling numerous issues arising in connection with construction projects such as contract amount payment, design alterations, labor issues, compliance issues; and establishment of foreign subsidiaries or local offices at sites, etc. Particularly, our accumulated know-how and established network with foreign local law offices make it possible for EYP Law to provide comprehensive and elaborate legal and contractual advice for clients involved in EPC projects including advice as to what to prepare or what to prevent in advance for complex EPC projects overseas.

07. Construction Arbitration

EYP Law has produced numerous satisfactory outcomes in various domestic and foreign arbitration cases for clients involved in various construction disputes. In arbitration cases brought abroad, it is ordinary to appoint only foreign law firms or foreign law firms as main counsels and Korean law firms as secondary domestic counsels to assist foreign law firms. EYP Law has established strong and reliable work relationship with numerous renowned foreign law firms, through which it is possible to prevent clients from being billed with unreasonably high legal cost or to avoid double charges. In other words, we ensure that clients receive the best services with reasonable fees and be satisfied with outcomes of cases. Further, with respect to expert reports often required in arbitration cases, we efficiently support clients so that requested expert reports may be provided at the most appropriate time and at a reasonable cost through our strong cooperative relationship with excellent firms specialized in dealing with claims. We take great pride in our ability to bring satisfactory results to our clients, which is possible only through our steadfast trust relationship with leading global law firms.

08. Others - Criminal Cases, Subcontracting Disputes, Antitrust Issues, Defect Claims, Safety Accidents, Etc.

EYP Law also provides systematic and efficient legal services in connection with criminal cases, subcontracting disputes, fair trade issues, defect and warranty claims, safety accidents, quality control issues, labor disputes, etc. in various stages of construction projects, based upon our extensive and adequate hands-on experiences in these fields.

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