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EYP LAW will safeguard our client’s future based on integrity and sincerity.

The information contained in this EYP Law website is provided for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice of registered attorneys in the Korean Bar Association. You must understand that information provided on the EYP Law website should not be used as legal advice on any matter. You must also keep in mind that you should not rely and act upon any information provided on this website without first consulting with attorneys at EYP Law for advice based on specific facts and circumstance at issue related to individual case.

Providing information on the EYP website or receipt of information contained on this website,

in whole or in part, does not constitute or create attorney-client relationship between any recipient and EYP Law.

The material and/or articles on this website is/areindividual opinion of the authors thereof.

You should always understand that such opinion may be different from opinion of other attorneys at EYP Law.

EYP Law owns copyright in all material on this website. Any reproduction, copy or distribution of any material on this websitewithout the prior written consent of the copyright owner, EYP Law, is strictly prohibited.

The EYP Law website may contain linked websites. However, in no event will EYP Law be liable for any loss or damage, arising out of or in connection with the use of this website, any linked websites or any contents thereof.

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